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Health Services

Christy Fulton
Director of Special Education

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Bloodborne Pathogens

All jobs in the Ohio County Schools are classified by levels of occupational exposure. They are broken down as No Exposure, Some Exposure, and Regular Exposure.

No Exposure: There is No occupational exposure.

Some Exposure: There could be occupational exposure, but not as part of their normal work routine.

Regular Exposure: There could be occupational exposure as part of their normal work routine.

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 If any one has any questions about the training they can contact
Amy Embry at (270) 274-7893 or email:


Training Requirements


All employees will participate in the initial two-hour Universal Precautions Training within sixty (60) days of beginning employment. The following employees will be required to complete online update training: all full time Certified and Classified Employees.

Job classes that are considered high risk areas such as Coaches, Preschool Teachers, and Special Need Bus Drivers are required to have a verbal update

Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Employees in the following jobs are also given the option of receiving the Hepatitis B vaccination: Custodians, Coaches, FMD and EBD teachers and assistants, First Aid Caregivers, Childcare Teacher and Assistants, Pre-school Teachers, Specific Bus Drivers or Monitors, and Nurses employed by the Board of Education


Medication Training
All staff needing Medication Administration training for the first time need to contact the school nurse at their school for further instructions. Staff who have already completed the training once and need the yearly renewal can complete that by doing the following.
Review the Medication Administration Power point included on this page. Complete the Medication Administration Final Exam on line. The nurse will then complete the Medication Administration Skill Competency with you in person. 
For the Medication Administration Final Exam, please click below

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