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Dress Code

Last Updated: 7/27/2022 4:08 PM




GENERAL:   Prohibited from dress and apparel are visible graphics, signs, symbols, logos, tattoos, or scenes that display, promote, or otherwise glorify, potentially disruptive, harmful, or illegal activities such as and including: violence, drugs or drug use, gangs, sexual activity/nudity, inflammatory/hateful messages, or tobacco/alcohol and/or their use.

ACCESSORIES/OUTERWEAR:  Backpacks, drawstring bags, bulky jackets or coats, hats, caps, bandanas, sweatbands, gloves, and non-prescription sunglasses, are not to be worn or carried from class to class (purses/tote bag shall not be used as a backpack). Such items are to be put in a locker at the beginning of the day.  Duffel/overnight/sports bags must be placed in the back of the library upon entering school. Heavy metal chains/necklaces, chokers/collars, wallet chains, or other substantial chains attached to clothing are prohibited. Earrings may extend no more than 1 (one) inch below the ear. No visible piercing (with the exception of the ears). One nose piercing is allowed as long as the stud is short and the visible part of the piercing is small.  No hoop nose piercings allowed.  Spandex, pajamas, or other loungewear are not acceptable as outerwear or body coverings.                         

SHIRTS:  Shirts, blouses, and tops must have half, full, or cap sleeves. No tank tops, tube tops, see through material, material with revealing holes, sundress styles, or bare midriff styles. Shirts must fully cover the shoulders and the back.  Raising arms must not expose midriff skin. Shirt/blouse necklines shall not be revealing. This can be monitored by the student placing their palm on their chest (thumb on collar bone) shirt/blouse should not be lower than pinky finger (with closed hand.) Vests, shirts, sweaters, and the like are to be worn at waist level.

PANTS/DRESSES/SKIRTS/SHORTS: All pants will be worn at waist level. There will be no bagging or sagging of pants. No deep or baggy pockets. Pants must be the correct length and shall not drag the floor. Shoes are to be mostly visible, not covered by the pant leg or garment. No holes more than 3 inches above the knee. Pants, dresses, skirts, and shorts cuff bottoms will be no higher than 3 (three) inches above the knee. If a student wears “leggings” then they SHALL wear a shirt or skirt that provides adequate coverage below the waist.  No splits, worn-through holes, or decorative holes between three inches above the knee and the top of the garment. 

OTHER: Shoes must be worn at all times. Tennis shoes must be worn during Physical Education class. Anything not listed within the dress code is left to the discretion of the school administration.                                                     

Once a referral is made, dress is considered at the moment of occurrence, rather than after dress adjustments are made. Administrators shall enforce the dress code and shall confer with students whose appearance does not conform to these rules. A student found to be in violation of the standard of the dress code will not return to the classroom until their clothing meets the standard of dress. Repeated violation of the personal appearance code may result in ISAP or a referral of the student to the board of education.

Adopted July 2022 by the Ohio County Middle School Site-based Council