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Student Handbook



Ohio County Middle School

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1404 South Main Street

Hartford, KY 42347

Phone: (270) 274-7893

Fax: (270) 274-3606


Chip Schrader Jonathan Schroader

Principal Assistant Principal


Ohio County Middle School


Principal- Chip Schrader Curriculum Coordinator- Bonnie Clark

Assistant Principal- Jonathan Schroader Bookkeeper/Attendance- Laura Woods

Guidance Counselor- Kim Kennedy Secretary- Melinda Crumes



Every accident in the school building, on school grounds, at practice sessions, or at any athletic event sponsored by the school must be reported immediately to the person in charge and to the school office.



Any student who does not attend at least 3.5 hours of the school day is ineligible to participate in athletic events unless approved by the principal.  Also, any student who is in In-School Suspension may not participate in athletic events until they have served their days in ISAP. It is a privilege to be on an athletic team.  Our student-athletes are expected to be at school, earn good grades, be respectful and be a good representative of OCMS. 



State law requires that all children from age 7-18 be enrolled in school. Regular attendance is essential to successful school years. Students are rewarded for perfect attendance. Should an absence occur, on the following morning, from 7:15-7:45 A.M., students should bring a note from parents to the cafeteria area which includes the following: student’s name, date(s) of absence, specific reason for absence on each date, parent’s signature, and phone number(s) where parent may be reached.  Original notes from doctors and dentists should be attached. An admit slip will be issued at that time. 

  1. EXCUSED ABSENCES (Board of Education Policy)

  1. Personal illness (Only six (6) days of absences due to illness may be excused with a parents’ note. A doctor’s statement is required for absences above this number.

  2. Illness in the family temporarily requiring help from the child (Must provide documentation from emergency agencies, such as the hospital, Emergency Room, Fire Department, or Sheriff Department).

  3. Death in the family (Funeral home note or hospital note must be submitted)

  4. Religious holidays

  5. Hardships

  6. Orders of the Court

  7. Advanced parental request approved by the principal

*An “excused absence” allows the privilege of full make-up work with active participation by the teacher.

*Excused absences may be subject to change due to COVID-19. This will be based upon administrative discretion.



  1. Absences for reasons other than those listed under “excused” are “unexcused” (including truancy and suspension) and prohibits making up work missed while absent, resulting in grades of zero. Truancy is a very serious offense and may lead to Juvenile Court.  Parents are legally responsible for keeping their children in school.  Any student with as many as three (3) unexcused absences will be referred to the Director of Pupil Personnel. After 3 unexcused absences, students may be referred to a Truancy Diversion Program consisting of a Court Designated Worker, Assistant Superintendent, and Principal.

  2. Any student with 6 or more unexcused absences may have privileges revoked by OCMS administration.

  3. Students who have unexcused absences will receive the following:

*1st and 2nd Unexcused- Attendance letters mailed home; home visit

*3rd Unexcused- Mandatory meeting in Truancy Diversion Program

*4th and 5th Unexcused- Attendance letters mailed home

*6th Unexcused- 1 day of ISAP; Truancy Charges Filed; No Farewell Formal (8th grade)

*7th Unexcused- 2 days of ISAP

*8th Unexcused- 3 days of ISAP

*9th Unexcused and beyond- 3 days of ISAP with possible ALP placement 



Students arriving after 7:54 A.M. are tardy and should go immediately to the office. Students who show a pattern of excessive tardiness will be treated as disciplinary cases and are referred to the office. They may also be assigned to ISAP. 



Students are not to leave the Middle School campus for any reason without permission from the office. That permission may be granted for the following reasons:

  1. LEAVING EARLY FOR PRE-ARRANGED APPOINTMENTS- Medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. When this is impossible, arrangements may be made to leave school early by bringing a note from parents to the office before school begins.

  2. IF A STUDENT BECOMES SICK AT SCHOOL- The school nurse will decide if the student is too ill to continue functioning at school and will contact parents to come to the office and sign the student out.  A student SHOULD NOT text message parents without seeing the nurse. If this occurs, punishment will ensue.



If a student is moving out of our school zone, it is necessary to withdraw from school. The student should report to the office at least two (2) days ahead of leaving for proper procedure. 



Students will be allowed to bring backpacks, sports bags, and purses to school. Backpacks shall not be carried during the school day. They shall be placed in the student’s assigned locker between homeroom and first period. Sports bags need to be placed in the wooden crates in the back of the media center and will be unavailable during the school day. You must pick up your bag after dismissal. Small purses may be carried for female students.  Purses should not be used as a backpack. 



Students should not arrive at school prior to 7:00 A.M.  As students arrive, they are to remain in the cafeteria until dismissed to go to homerooms.   At dismissal, after going to their lockers, bus students are to go directly to the front of the building to board buses, and car riders are to report to the Art Room doors to be picked up by parents at afternoon dismissal.   Parents should pick up students in front  of the school after buses are off the lot (see pick-up route on website and facebook page).  Any car that enters while the busses are still in front of the school may be cited by our police officers.  Any student riding with anyone (not listed on their pick-up form) must turn in a note signed by parent to the office as soon as possible (no later than afternoon break.) Unless staying for an extracurricular activity (and accompanied by a sponsor) all students should be out of the building by 3:10 P.M.  All car riders should be picked up by 3:30 P.M.



One of the most important lessons education should teach is discipline.  While it does not appear as a subject, it underlies the whole educational structure.  It is the training that develops self-control, character, orderliness and efficiency.  It is the key to good conduct and proper consideration for other people. Students are expected to behave appropriately at school. Any 8th grade student with 5 or more discipline referrals for the year cannot attend the Farewell Formal.


Students may not ride bicycles or motorbikes to or from school because of the amount of automobile traffic on our campus. 



Bullying is when a person is being exposed repeatedly over time to negative actions on the part of one or more persons.  OCMS will not tolerate any form of bullying.  Students must report any bullying that occurs to them to the teachers and administration as soon as possible.  If bullying occurs, appropriate procedures will be followed including counseling, detention, ISAP, suspension, criminal petition filed with the court designated worker or expulsion.



Students who come to school on the bus should return on the bus unless they have a note from their parent signed by the principal to go home differently.  Riding the school bus is a privilege.  Improper conduct on the bus will result in that privilege being denied.  Those students who ride buses should walk directly from their classroom to the buses.  From the time a student boards a bus in the morning until he is dropped off in the afternoon, he/she is under the supervision of the school system.  While on the bus he/she will comply with the bus driver’s rules.  Failure to comply with these rules may be due cause for your removal from bus privileges.  Parents or guardians will be held responsible for deliberate destruction of bus property.



Cafeteria behavior should be orderly and reasonably quiet.  Loud, noisy, and rowdy conduct will not be tolerated.  Trays are not to be left on tables, but taken to the disposal window.  Students will NOT be called to the office to pick up delivered food from restaurants—this disrupts the learning process.  Parents may make arrangements to eat lunch with their student if they contact the school in advance. 

All students will receive a free breakfast and lunch daily this year.  Any extra food items, drinks or meals will be sold at cost to the students.  Students that eat breakfast in the morning shall get their meal as soon as they get to school.  Once they are done eating, they shall go to the gym until all students are dismissed to homeroom.  Students will not be allowed to stay in the cafeteria unless they are eating.



Students are allowed to have cell phones, iPads, Kindles, other tablets or web accessible devices at school.  They will be allowed to use them before school, during lunch and at break.  There will be lessons taught throughout the year when students will be able to use their web accessible device to connect to the Internet via the wireless network.  Once the lesson is over, students are required to TURN OFF their device and put it out of sight.  If a student is caught using a cell phone or other device for reasons other than what is required or allowed, the teacher will deal with that student in class.  Their device will be confiscated and turned into the office, but the student can pick up their device once the school day is over.  If a student habitually ignores directions and guidelines for the use of electronic devices, it will be confiscated and the student will receive an office referral.  It is recommended that students not bring handheld gaming devices to school.  OCMS accepts no responsibility for damaged, stolen or lost devices.  If a student is caught using their device in an inappropriate way or is violating our network acceptable use policy, students may lose the privilege of getting to bring their own device to school.



Inform the office if you change your address or telephone number.  Our office telephone number is 270-274-7893.



Conferences between teachers and parents are encouraged.  They must be set up by appointment.  Teachers have the responsibility for classes or planning and cannot stop for a conference unless it has been previously arranged.  Call the office to set up an appointment.



Acceptable student behavior is necessary for the creation of a school environment in which positive learning can take place.  The authority to control student behavior extends beyond the school day to include public performances, athletic games, trips and other school-sponsored activities.



Students’ desks and lockers are “jointly headed” by the student and the school and may be searched when there is suspicion a rule has been broken or checked periodically for possession of prohibited items. 


DRESS CODE (See Attachment)

Students who do not meet the standard of dress will be sent to the office and will not return to the classroom until they meet the standard of dress.  When a teacher finds a student in violation of the dress code, the student is in violation of the dress code (non-appealable).



Any student who intentionally sells, gives, possesses, uses or is under the influence of illicit drugs, narcotics, alcohol, or “look-alikes” in or on school property, including buses, shall be suspended, considered for expulsion from school, and reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for possible legal action.



Students are not to bring food and drinks from outside the school into the classroom. Students will be allowed to have second breakfast items during morning break, but those items need to be consumed before class begins. All students will be given a water bottle to carry at school. We have filtered water machines for students to use. Water will be the only drink allowed in the water bottles. NO OTHER DRINKS OR DRINK CONTAINERS WILL BE ALLOWED.



Report cards will be sent home to parents four times a year – at the end of each grading period.  The grading code is as follows:

A  90-100 (Excellent) B  80-89 (Above Average) C  70-79 (Average) D  60-69 (Below Average)

F  Below 60 (Unsatisfactory Performance)

It is recommended that a mark of F be followed up with a parent-teacher conference.  This can be scheduled through the school (274-7893).  The report card will indicate conduct as an alphabetical grade.

*Any 8th grade student with an “F” average in two or more classes for the year cannot attend the Farewell Formal.



The main concern of guidance is you, the student.  Guidance services are available to you in making adjustments, self-direction and meeting the problems of everyday life.  You may make an appointment with the guidance counselor if help is needed with personal or school problems.



Harassment/discrimination is intimidation by threats of or actual physical violence; the creation, by whatever means, of a climate of hostility, or intimidation, or the use of language, conduct, or symbols in such a manner as to be commonly understood to convey hatred, contempt, to prejudice or to have the effect of insulting or stigmatizing an individual.  Harassment/discrimination due to an individual’s race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political beliefs, sex, or disability is prohibited.  Students who engage in harassment/discrimination of an employee or another student shall be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, suspension and expulsion.  Conduct and/or actions prohibited under this policy include but are not limited to:

  1. Name calling, stories, jokes, pictures or objects that are offensive to one’s gender, race, color, national origin, religion, or disability.

  2. Unwanted touching, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and spreading rumors.

  3. Member of one gender in a class being subjected to sexual remarks of the other gender in the classroom.

  4. Impeding the progress of a student in class by questioning the student’s ability to do the required class work based on the gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability.

  5. Limiting students access to educational tools, such as computers, based on the student’s gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability.

  6. Teasing a student’s subject choice or assignment based on the gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability of the students.



Homework shall include all class assignments given during class time that cannot or are not completed during class time.  Homework is a beneficial aspect of the overall educational process provided it is allocated to students fairly, reasonably, and with due consideration by each teacher for the total amount of homework being required of the same student by fellow teachers.   This guideline will allow students to participate in extracurricular activities and enjoy a healthy home life.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to provide a supportive environment to maximize the benefits of the learning/homework experience.  Curriculum-related assignments should not be used for disciplinary purposes.  The homework policy will be left to the discretion of the teacher.  When/if the teacher feels incomplete homework is adversely affecting a student’s progress, he/she may invoke the school’s policy.  In the event students are not completing/turning in homework assignments, this would be the procedure: 

  1. If a student chooses to erase the zero, he/she will be given three (3) days to make up the assignment. After-school assistance will be available upon request.  Repeated infractions will result in a letter, note, or telephone call to parent/guardian, informing them of the problem.  Late assignments will be accepted; however, there may be a point reduction in the amount of credit given. 



Students must show proof of immunization against diphtheria, measles (rubella & rubella), polio, tetanus, and whooping cough.  All immunization dates must be included and recorded on the cumulative health record of each student.  (State law)



Parents are encouraged to use Infinite Campus from their homes to access their student’s grades and missing assignments.  The Username for the student is their Student Identification Number (Located on their schedule or grade card) and their password is their child’s first initial, last initial and their 6 digit birthdate.  Infinite Campus allows parents the opportunity to track their student’s grades by individual assignments.  Parents can access Infinite Campus through the District Website



Insurance is available to any student who desires it.  It covers students going to and from school and during the school day.  It can be purchased at the beginning of the school year.



Extended School Services will be provided throughout the year.  Students and parents will receive notification of the dates and subjects at ESS.



Use of the library at every opportunity is encouraged.  Students may check out two books for a two-week period with the privilege of renewal.  Ideally, the library should be used for reference work and teacher supervised study.  Social visiting is not appropriate and may disturb those that are working.  After 45 days, all items are considered lost and borrowers are responsible for replacement costs.  The borrower must pay for any damaged library books.



If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school, a signed note from a parent must be presented to the school nurse.  All medication will be kept in and dispensed through the nurse’s office.



Non-Traditional Instructional days may be utilized throughout the school year. Students will be expected to complete their assignments given to them by their teachers (packets, online, etc.) in a timely manner and will be held accountable for their participation and completion of the material.



There is a school nurse present at school who will see any student who has turned in a medical consent form.  If a student has a temperature of 100.4 or greater, the student will be sent home.  Nurses have authority to decide whether or not a student needs to be sent home.  A student SHOULD NOT text message parents without seeing the nurse.  If this occurs, punishment will ensue.



The educational curriculum is enhanced during the school year by related field trips.  Parental permission is required and students must pay their way.  Teachers may deny field trip privileges to students who have a record of misbehavior.



TOWARD FELLOW STUDENTS – Each student is expected to show respect for the rights and feelings of his/her fellow students.  Courteous treatment of others is always encouraged.

TOWARD THE OPPOSITE SEX – Affection between boys and girls is a natural part of growing up; however, open or obvious displays of affection (kissing, holding hands, arms around, etc.) are prohibited during school hours, on school grounds, or at other school-sponsored events.

TOWARD SCHOOL STAFF – Students are expected to show respect for and obey all teachers and other school personnel at all times.

TOWARD OFFICIAL VISITORS – Official visitors, whether observers, speakers, or entertainers are considered to be honored guests and should be treated with courtesy and respect. 

HALLWAY AND STAIRWAY BEHAVIOR – Keep corridors open by walking to the right.  Do not block traffic by standing in groups.  Stay out of other wing areas.  Walk quietly – do not run.  Pushing, scuffling, and horseplay are not allowed.  Keep these areas clean – put trash in wastebaskets.



State law requires that ALL STUDENTS take physical education unless excused in writing by a licensed physician or, in case of religious objection, by an ordained clergyman.  School policy also requires students dress in shirts, shorts, gym shoes (non-marking soles only) and socks.  Students are expected to have P.E. clothes at school each day they are scheduled for physical education.  Lockers, locks, dressing and shower facilities are provided.  Personal possessions should be locked up.  One-day excuses, signed by parent, are acceptable.



Students are to use restrooms designated for each area.  They are expected to use them with care, flush toilets and urinals, and keep them free from vandalism and defacement.  Restroom monitors may be assigned. Any vandalism or defacement will result in punishment. 



School pictures and yearbooks are available at appropriate times of the year.  The prices of these items are determined by the cost of production.  Students are not permitted to sell private items at school.  (Board of Education policy)



In the event of severely inclement weather or mechanical breakdown, school may be closed or starting time delayed.  ONE CALL will be used; make sure you have updated your numbers in Infinite Campus through the District Website



No flowers, balloons, or other gifts may be delivered to students at school.  This is disruptive to the learning environment.



BASKETBALL – The school sponsors teams for both boys and girls in grades 7-8.  Tryouts are held annually.  Basketball players must maintain satisfactory grades and conduct.  A regular schedule is played, climaxed by a district tournament.  These are all paid admission games.

CHEERLEADERS – Tryouts are held annually with those students selected serving the next year.  Cheerleaders must maintain satisfactory grades and conduct.

FOOTBALL – The school sponsors teams for both 7th and 8th grades.  Players must maintain satisfactory grades and conduct.  A regular schedule is played.  All home games are at Ohio County High School.  These are paid admission games.



  1. All students are to take their seats immediately upon entering the classroom.

  2. Students are to report to class with their textbooks and the necessary materials for participation in the activities of that class.

  3. Students are not to talk any time during the class unless permission has been granted by the teacher.



All students are under the supervision of each teacher and must obey any member of the Ohio County Middle School staff.  Students must be in all classes and activities at the assigned times.  Any departure from the regular schedule must be approved by the teacher involved.  The teachers have established additional rules and procedures necessary for the operation of their classes.  These rules and procedures have the approval of the school administration and must be followed.



Messages and deliveries from home should be left in the office.  Students will be called out of class only in an emergency.  Students may use the telephone in the office with permission from the teacher, only if necessary.  Students are NOT to use their cell phones to call or text their parents during the school day.



Textbooks, paperback books, library books, calculators, and other school material assigned to a specific student are the responsibility of that student and must be returned or the student’s family is responsible for paying restitution for the lost book/item.



All visitors who enter the building during school hours will be required to state the purpose of their visit, provide valid identification upon arrival to the front office, leave a valid driver's license or  photo ID when signing in at the front office and wear a "Visitor's Badge" visible at all times.  Upon departure, the visitor will need to sign out, return the "Visitor's Badge" and collect their ID.



The Ohio County Board of Education does not discriminate on the bases of race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, age, sex, or handicap as set forth in Title IX, and Section 504.  Any person having inquiries about compliance with these requirements is directed to contact Scott Lewis, Ohio County Board of Education, P.O. Box 70, 315 East Union Street, Hartford, Kentucky, 42347 or (270) 298-3249. 






GENERAL:   Prohibited from dress and apparel are visible graphics, signs, symbols, logos, tattoos, or scenes that display, promote, or otherwise glorify, potentially disruptive, harmful, or illegal activities such as and including: violence, drugs or drug use, gangs, sexual activity/nudity, inflammatory/hateful messages, or tobacco/alcohol and/or their use.

ACCESSORIES/OUTERWEAR:  Backpacks, drawstring bags, bulky jackets or coats, hats, caps, bandanas, sweatbands, gloves, and non-prescription sunglasses, are not to be worn or carried from class to class (purses/tote bag shall not be used as a backpack). Such items are to be put in a locker at the beginning of the day.  Duffel/overnight/sports bags must be placed in the back of the library upon entering school. Heavy metal chains/necklaces, wallet chains, or other substantial chains attached to clothing are prohibited. Earrings may extend no more than 1 (one) inch below the ear. No visible piercing (with the exception of the ears). Spandex, pajamas, leggings, yoga pants or other loungewear are not acceptable as outerwear or body coverings.                         

SHIRTS:  Shirts, blouses, and tops must have half, full, or cap sleeves. No tank tops, tube tops, see through material, material with revealing holes, sundress styles, or bare midriff styles. Shirts must fully cover the shoulders and the back.  Raising arms must not expose midriff skin. Shirt/blouse necklines shall not be revealing. This can be monitored by the student placing their palm on their chest (thumb on collar bone) shirt/blouse should not be lower than pinky finger (with closed hand.) Vests, shirts, sweaters, and the like are to be worn at waist level.

PANTS/DRESSES/SKIRTS/SHORTS: All pants will be worn at waist level. There will be no bagging or sagging of pants. No deep or baggy pockets. Pants must be the correct length and shall not drag the floor. Shoes are to be mostly visible, not covered by the pant leg or garment. No holes more than 3 inches above the knee. Pants, dresses, skirts, and shorts cuff bottoms will be no higher than 3 (three) inches above the knee. If a student wears “leggings” then they SHALL wear a shirt or skirt that is fingertip to mid thigh length.  No splits, worn-through holes, or decorative holes between three inches above the knee and the top of the garment. 

OTHER: Shoes must be worn at all times. Tennis shoes must be worn during Physical Education class. Anything not listed within the dress code is left to the discretion of the school administration.                                                     

Once a referral is made, dress is considered at the moment of occurrence, rather than after dress adjustments are made. Administrators shall enforce the dress code and shall confer with students whose appearance does not conform to these rules. A student found to be in violation of the standard of the dress code will not return to the classroom until their clothing meets the standard of dress. Repeated violation of the personal appearance code may result in ISAP or a referral of the student to the board of education.

Adopted July 2021 by the Ohio County Middle School Site-based Council