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STUDENTS                                                                                                                         09.3133
Middle School Eligibility(Athletics)
Determination of athletic eligibility shall be made in compliance with
applicable administrative regulations, Kentucky High School Athletic
Association requirements (KHSAA) and local rules.  Age Limit
Students who become fifteen (15) years before August 1 shall be
ineligible for middle school interscholastic athletic competition.
Students who become fifteen (15) on or after August 1 shall remain
eligible for the entire school year. A list of participants shall be
forwarded to the Superintendent prior to the beginning of each
seasonal sport showing name, grade, age and birth date.

Academic Standards

Students participating in Middle School Athletics shall not have
an “F” or more than one (1) “D” in their subject areas and no “D”
or “F” in conduct at each deficiency and grading period. Students
who fail to do so will be ineligible to dress for games for at least
one (1) week. (Practice will be allowed during this time.) If, at the
end of one (1) week, the students' grades have not improved, they
will remain ineligible for the next week and each succeeding week
until the grades have improved.  Reading, spelling and grammar
will be combined into one (1) Language Arts grade.
Examination and Consent
Students who are trying for a place on an athletic team shall
present a physician's certificate or the equivalent from a physician’s
assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner or chiropractor, to
the effect that they are physically fit to take severe exercise without
undue risks. Parents' consent for their children's participation and
written acknowledgments of receipt of the eligibility rules shall
also be required.

Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA)
Adopted/Amended: 09/19/2002
Order #:         1599