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Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Southern Elementary School knows parents/caregivers play an important role in a child's education.  We have developed this policy that will be given to all parents/caregivers, to let them know how our school will support them in being involved. 

Southern Elementary School will have grade level meetings at a time that is convenient for parents/caregivers, to which all are invited and encouraged to attend. At this meeting, they will learn about our Title I school wide program, the purpose of Title I and their right to be involved.  We will attempt to meet the needs of all in providing this information. 

Southern Elementary will host five (5) meetings for parents/caregivers. Each meeting will focus on identified needs. Some meetings will be during the day and some will be scheduled at night.  Child care will be provided during these meetings.  Staff will make home visits when needed, and transportation will be provided as needed. 

All participating parents/caregivers of children in the school wide Title I program shall be provided:

timely information and opportunities to meet with staff;
an understanding of their child's test results;
information about what students need to learn, how they will be tested and behavior expectations;
an opportunity to sign the learning agreement.
Southern Elementary shall build the capacity for strong involvement of parents/caregivers by:

providing materials and training to parents such as needed literacy training, not otherwise available, to help parents improve their child's achievement;
training school staff in effective use of volunteers in the classroom;
training parents/caregivers to be effective volunteers in the classroom;
making sure that information sent home is in a language and form parents can understand;
involving parents/caregivers, where appropriate, in development of training for teachers and other staff that improves instructions;
sharing information with stakeholders (staff/parents/caregivers, students and community).
Southern Elementary School, along with parents/caregivers, will develop a learning agreement.  The agreement will review and plan  parent activities, policies and the learning agreement annually.  

The Parent Involvement Committee will review and plan parent activities, policies and the learning agreement annually.

All comments indicating parents' dissatisfaction with the district Title I plan shall be collected and submitted along with the plan to the Kentucky Department of Education.